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Restoring dignity, improving quality of life, and advocating for those with disabilities.

About Marcelle Jones

Ms. Marcelle Jones’s 20-year career, in Higher Education, led her to experience multiple leadership, problem solving, and advocacy roles. She earned a BA in Health Communications and a MS in Communications (Health Education and Mental Health) from Grand Valley State University.

She completed a certification, from Michigan Dept. of Health & Human Services, in Mental Health First Aid and a certification, from the University of Missouri-Columbia, as an ADA Coordinator. In addition, serves as Chair of the Standing Committee on Member Development for AHEAD and is a member of NAMI, BIAA, and the Kenowa AMBUCS. In addition, she has knowledge in ADA law, Title IX, Effective Communication-Deaf Culture, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Best Practices for DS Offices, which has allowed for many opportunities, to remove barriers for students and community members.

Ms. Jones is a National and International speaker on Disability: A Social Justice and Civil Rights Issue, How Traumatic Brain Injury Effects Emotional Intelligence, How Baby Steps, to Equal Access, Leads to Longer-Lasting Change, and Nonverbal Learning Disability: Yes, It Really Does Exist!

She is an experienced Accessibility and Universal Design Consultant, for Access Always in All Ways, which serves West Michigan. It provides a platform, to voice concerns and challenges, to be solved via research, negotiation, mediation, education, and advocacy.


Glen Ellyn

Glen Ellyn

"Marcelle has a wealth of information about resources and opportunities for students and new college graduates with disabilities. She provided valuable guidance while I was attempting to identify job resources for my son, who is on the autism spectrum and recently graduated from college. Marcelle is not only knowledgeable, she is also easy to talk to, accommodating, and compassionate. Her approach to problem-solving is both creative and pragmatic. I really appreciated the opportunity to work with her!"

 Dr. Kamusoko

Dr. Kamusoko

Dean of Students, National University of Science & Technology (NUST)

“We as the Division of student Affairs appreciate your willingness to set aside time to travel all the way to Africa to share with us your expertise in your well researched topic the Displacement of the Forgotten Tribe: An Intersection of Social Construction and Disability.”

Louren Moyo Mashabidze

Louren Moyo Mashabidze

Secretary - Student Affairs, National University of Science and Technology

"I got to know Marcelle when she was our Key note speaker for 2015 N.U.S.T. Student Affairs Conference; (National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe). The agenda focused on informing attendees, on how to begin making Zimbabwe's college campuses, more accessible to disabled persons. I found her to be consistently pleasant, extremely organized and very dedicated to her work. She was able to present ideas and communicated the benefits well. She was also able to develop a strong rapport with participants almost immediately, which makes her a good leader. Marcelle proved to be a dedicated leader, whose skills and competence are worth emulating".

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